Mavis Road Animal Clinic has a kitten adoption program! Most of the kittens we adopt out have been rescued from being homeless.  We have a staff member who rescues cats and kittens and we bring them into the clinic, examine them, give them their first set of vaccinations, we check their poop samples for any intestinal parasites and if it is a positive sample, we will start the process of treating the parasites.

When the kittens are socialized and ready for adoption, they come with a “kitten package” which will include the remaining vaccines (there will be 2 more sets of vaccines required), 2 examinations, 2 fecal samples, presurgical bloodwork, and lastly the spay or neuter surgery.

The package cost will be split into 3 equal payments and the first payment would be due at the time of adoption.

Please give us a call for more information.