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Puppy and Kitten Packages

The packages combine:

Second examination/routine vaccination and fecal parasite testing
Third examination/routine vaccination and fecal parasite testing
Spay or Neuter and possibly declaw for cats

We calculate what this would cost (judging what weight your pet would be at 6 months of age for the surgery) and give you a total price that you would pay in 3 equal installments at the time of each visit. This package is 10% off our regular prices.

You can add additional services to the package (and therefore save 10% on this as well), such as:

  • Microchip
  • IV Fluids
  • For dogs, Lyme disease vaccine, Bordetalla vaccine (not part of routine vaccines)
  • For cats, FIV and Leukemia vaccine and FIV/Feleuk testing (not part of routine vaccines)

You are also entitled to a FREE coffee mug that we make with your animals picture on it after we do the spay/neuter.

*Should you need to cancel the contract, a refund of unused services would be provided but services that were used would be deducted at non-discounted prices plus a $35.00 administration fee.

If your pet goes into heat before being spayed, or if your cat is brought in over 9 months of age for a prepaid declaw, mature spay and mature declaw fees will be applied.