Please ensure that you have all the correct documents to accompany your pet. Some countries require rabies titer, tapeworm and tick treatments, while others only require a valid rabies certificate.

Please also ensure that you have the proper documents for any countries you may have a lay over in.

Some countries require an official government vet to sign accompanying documentation. Also, contact the embassy of the country you will be exporting your pet to so that you can be assured that you have all needed documentation that is required to accompany your pet.

Please ensure that you check with the airline you are traveling with to ensure that you have all the needed documentation for them as well. You will also need to contact them to find out about proper airline approved kennels/crates. For some animals medications may be required to help make the travel easier for them which will require a phone call to the clinic.

Please contact the exporting pets’ office at 905 795-6434